ADAPTED Podcast, Season 4, Episode 5: Grace Newton

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kaomi Goetz over Zoom to talk about my personal experiences as a Chinese adoptee. Our conversation ranged from transitions in my life during college to creating this blog to living abroad in my hometown. We discussed the changing relationship between my mother and I in adulthood, a topic we presented on at the KAAN conference in 2019, as well as my position within KAAN, a Korean adoptee and adoptive family organization, as a Chinese adoptee.

I am so grateful to have had this chance to share my voice in a different way and hopefully reach a new audience, as well. Those who know my writing are already aware of how impacted I have been by Korean adoptees, and I would love to see more collaboration between Chinese and Korean adoptees in the future. While we may be from different countries and belong to different generations, so many of the fundamental issues remain the same.

I am constantly energized by making new connections with adoptees and learning about the phenomenal work adoptees are doing across the world. I encourage you to listen to my podcast episode and to some of the other episodes from the various seasons of Adapted for raw, honest conversation around adoption and all of its complications.

Listen here:


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