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A few weeks ago, I decided to restart my birth parent search that came to an almost immediate halt in China in 2015 (read about it here). I realize that time is going by – time that I will never get back – and feel confident that I am in an emotionally strong enough place to begin again. I joined a number of search groups on Facebook and on WeChat for more information about searching, templates for language used on search posters, and camaraderie from others who are also going through this complicated process. I have been a part of many adoption groups on Facebook for a long time Below, I’ve shared a list of potentially relevant searching groups or Asian/Chinese groups for Chinese adoptees.

Searching Groups
Jiangsu and Shanghai Family Search (Facebook)
Journey Across Forever (Facebook)
Asia Adoption DNA (Facebook)
CCI Birth Parent Seraching and Reunion Group (Facebook) 
Family Ties: Chinese Adoptee Birth Family Serach (Facebook) 
Adopted children looking for birth parents and siblings (Facebook)
I am looking for my birth parents/child/siblings (Facebook)
Adoptees looking for birth parents (Facebook page)
Looking for birth parents/family (Facebook page) 
Adopted seeking birth parents or other family members (Facebook page) 
Find Birth Parents, Siblings, Adoptees, and Family (Facebook) 
China – Birth parent search (Facebook) 
BaoBeiHuiJia (BABY Home) (Facebook)
The Nanchang Project (Facebook)
ICSA Facebook 
让爱回家–江苏苏州队 (Wechat)
💞 江苏徐州寻亲联盟总群💞(Wechat)
江苏爱心家园寻亲总群 (WeChat) 
网络联盟寻亲爱心公益协会 (WeChat)
🇨🇳五二九寻亲平台总群 (WeChat)
56个民族的寻亲群 (WeChat)
女儿回家群 (WeChat)
中国失踪儿童的父母 – BP Search (WeChat)
Jiangsu Seekers Search Poster (WeChat) 
Adoption Groups/Pages (Facebook)
Red Thread Broken
Harlow’s Monkey
Changing the Adoption Narrative
Intercountry Adoption Voices
Adoptive Families
Transracial Adoption
Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits 
Transracial Adoption Perspectives 
Transracial Adoption – Community of Learning and Support 
You Know You’re Adopted When
Racism and White Privilege for the Adoptive Family
Adoptees Speak
TAP 101
Adoption and Foster Care: Inclusive Discussion Group
Lost Daughters 
Adoptees from Asia
Also Known As, Inc
Adopteen (official)
Tap 101 for Adult Transracial Adoptees
Adult Adoptees of Color
Yes I’m adopted. Don’t make it weird
WI/IL Transracial Adoptees 
Madison Adult Adoptees
MN Asian Adoptees
British Asian Miority Ethnic TRA Group
Adoption Information
Chinese Adoption Groups (Facebook)
China’s Children International
China’s Children International – Adoptee Only
Parents with Children Adopted from China
Parents and children Adoption from china
Anhui Adoption Family Group
Families with children from the Nanjing Social Welfare Institute 
FCCNY Young Adults 18+
Families with children from Jiangsu, China
Rumor Queen
Advocate for children disrupted in and from China
Hong Kong and Chinese Adult adoptees
Yunnan Province, Chinese Adoptions 
Adoptees on Adoption
Adoptees from Asia and their Families and Friends 
Asia/China Groups (Facebook)
Subtle Asian Traits
Subtle Asian Women
Nanjing Expat
Anhui, China
Sad and Asian
Asians Never Die
Asian American Madison Network
Community for Asian American Studies
Pan Asian And Pacific Islander Diaspora Feminist and Allies
the transformative apid group
Asians Today: Reimagining Asians Throughout the world 

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