A Chinese Adoptee Addressing Adoption & Rehoming

Another Chinese adoptee shares her thoughts on the recent rehoming case of Huxley by influencer, Myka Stauffer. Trauma upon trauma for this little guy, who deserved more from his adoptive parents.

Chinese Adoptee

Dear Myka Stauffer,

Should I approach as Influencer to Influencer? Adoptee to (former) adoptive mom? Human to human? What would speak louder to you?

My name is Taylor. I am new to influencing but I have many years of experience in social media marketing. I know what it’s like to get those special brand collaborations. To find your special niche where other people look to you as an expert. I’ve found mine to be in lifestyle and beauty while you found that in the mommy blog world. But then you found yourself in the adoption niche. A niche I am well familiar with as I maintain a blog about my own Chinese adoption. You have chosen to position yourself as an advocate for international adoption and adoptees. Yet, I can’t help but feel that you valued the money more than your actual relationship with your former son.

My name is…

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