Christianity and International Adoption

The KAAN Conference is officially cancelled this year, which is disappointing but the right decision given the current public health crisis. I recently saw an online conversation among some people using adoption in a Christian motivated, anti-abortion debate, which reminded me of the fantastic time I had presenting with Mariette two years ago at KAAN on the role of Christianity in international adoption.

Last week I flew to Minneapolis to present at my second KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network) Conference. Leading up to the conference, I had been preparing presentations with Shaaren Pine and Grace Newton.

In my first presentation, “Body Betrayal” with Shaaren, we talked about our bodies and growing up with brown skin in white families and what that meant for our identities. As moms, we also talked about how we are trying to raise our children to love themselves and appreciate their respective cultures.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 1.48.16 PM Presenting the “Body Betrayal” Session

My second presentation, “For God’s Sake: the Role of Christianity in Adoption” was with Grace, and I was a little nervous to present. We wanted to explore the role of the church in international adoption and how our religious upbringings played a role in our lives as adults. But I wasn’t sure how the presentation was going to be…

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