New Year, New Introductions

Hello Readers,

Happy New Year! I hope that 2019 brings you all good things. For those of you who have been reading my blog for the last five and a half years, thank you so much for your comments, personal messages, and encouragement.

When I started this blog, I decided very intentionally to stay anonymous for several reasons. I didn’t know how my opinions would be received and hadn’t quite developed into the thick skinnned woman I am now. I didn’t want my image to color the way readers interpreted my words. And perhaps most importantly, I was 19 years old when I started writing on this platform. While intuitive readers have figured out that I was quite young (and I certainly have received a number of ageist remarks), I didn’t want to make that information easily available or for my youthfulness to determine how seriously people read my posts.

I gradually started taking ownership of this blog in adoptee only spaces or with limited audiences when I presented at conferences. In 2014, was interviewed by Mei Fong for her book, One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment, in which a chapter is named after this blog.  I made corresponding Facebook and Instagram pages for Red Thread Broken, and with the hyper connectivity of the internet, I knew that I was no longer anonymous.

This past year, I learned that people had misidentified this blog as belonging to another prominent Chinese adoptee in the community. Upon hearing this, I thought that it was perhaps finally time to officially introduce myself on my blog. So this is me.


Seoul, South Korea – Sept 2017

My name is Grace Newton, and I was adopted from China when I was three years old. I graduated from Macalester College in Minnesota, USA, and I am currently working in the non-profit sector. When I am not writing, speaking, or facilitating groups on adoption, I enjoy spending time with my parents, friends, and cats. I like to travel, paint, read, attend lectures, play the ukulele, eat sweets, and volunteer in my community in my free time. I also genuinely like blogging and am so thankful for all of the personal and professional connections this blog has brought me.

When I first started blogging, my mother asked me how long I thought I would do this. I responded, “As long as it makes me happy.” And this answer remains true. I couldn’t have imagined that more than five years later, you dear readers would still be following along and sharing my work. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Best wishes for a great new year!


11 responses to “New Year, New Introductions

  1. You are brave, beautiful and perceptive, Grace. Don’t you think it’s time to publish your book? It would be an honor to buy the first copy. Please keep blogging. As an adoptive parent of two, I read and pass along your perspective to family and friends. Thank you for sharing your heart and life. You’ve made a difference for many of us.

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