DoDW – Lesson #3 & #4

Lesson #3 – 3/3/2015

Squatter toilets paired with being a woman is a difficult combination.

Lesson #4 – 3/3/2015

Weight has different connotations here. I got my roommate assignment today. When we met in person, she told me that I look fat in my WeChat profile picture, but in real life I look really thin…

3 responses to “DoDW – Lesson #3 & #4

  1. Yes, the weight thing is different. Can you tell us what the different connotations are in China about someone saying you look fat. Here in the US it is a negative comment.


    • It’s interesting that the character in Chinese for thin has the sickness radical in it. Older people were always trying to feed me more, even when I said that I was full. The younger generation has a fashion based obsession with thinness, though.


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