It’s November, it’s Thanksgiving, oh and it’s National Adoption Month…

Written by a fellow Chinese adoptee. Great insight as to what it actually means to love orphans. Wanting to play with children and take photos with them requires 10 minutes of genuine emotion. Love demands respect. Love demands empathy. And love demands change so that the children’s best interests are placed above our own.

Every Christmas my relatives would ask the same question,

“Honey, what would you like for Christmas this year?”

I would reply with a smile, “Blue eyes and blond hair! Pretty pretty please!”

As cute as this answer may sound, a six year old me was struggling with identity. I grew up in a neighborhood where Asians only made up 5% of the population. I remember having to explain to my elementary school classmates that I was born in China. I also remember feeling alone and having friends flake on play dates because they felt uncomfortable around my family. Unfortunately, I vividly remember people in my high school saying “go back to China” while shouting racist names and even threatening to kill me. I remember wanting nothing more than to wake up looking just like my classmates.

As much as I would like to say I no longer struggle with my…

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