5 Reasons Men Love Asian Girls

If this doesn’t scream Asian fetish, I don’t know what does. “For those who have yet to appreciate their exotic qualities” – exotic is not a personality trait. I am not simply an Asian woman. I am an adoptee, an immigrant, a person of color, a traveller, a writer, a lover of cats, a supporter of the fair trade movement, a woman, and I happen to be Asian. Please see all of me and my complex identity. Don’t characterize me by a whole slew of preconceived stereotypes. And don’t objectify me.

P.S. the link below seems to not be working. You can read the full article here: http://thoughtcatalog.com/nikolao-montaya/2014/09/5-reasons-men-love-asian-girls/

3 responses to “5 Reasons Men Love Asian Girls

  1. Just disgusting. Watch a section in Barb Lee’s Adoption documentary where she interviews American men about Asian women….


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