Parents of adoptees

How do I learn how to be Chinese-American by white parents in a white neighborhood? How do I embrace my Chinese roots when some prefer to be “colorblind” and not see me fully yet other see me only as a foreigner? The author of this blog asks parents to be cognizant of the cultural issues and feelings of diminished Chinese-ness that so often accompany international adoption. I hope that adoptive parents, wanting what’s best for their own children, will be open-minded when listening to the thoughts/narratives/requests of adult adoptees.


20130329_171555This post is going to be directed to parents of adoptees. These ideas are not limited to just Chinese adoptions but can be implemented in any type of adoptions. You may have heard these suggestions before or you may not have. In my opinion, these are a few of the most important ideas to know and hopefully will be beneficial for you and your adoptee(s). Remember that each adoptee(s) is different and will develop in their own way. I am basing my ideas off of how I was raised and what I wished could have happened. As an older adoptee, I understand now that keeping the Chinese identity alive in a child is important. I think if my family would have taken a more productive role in my education on culture, I would not face some of the challenges as I do now. Do not get me wrong, I love my…

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