Wisconsin Inks Bill to Prevent Parents From ‘Giving Away’ Adopted Children

Rehoming of adopted children is a despicable practice that has landed many children in the hands of pedophiles and abusers. As Wisconsin leads the nation in passing a law that now makes it illegal for anyone not licensed by the state to advertise a child over age one for adoption or any other custody transfer, both in print and online, all I can say is “it’s about time!”

It’s important to remember that rehoming of adopted kids is not a benign practice that benefits all. It’s convenient for parents, it’s detrimental to children, it IS child trafficking. Human Trafficking Search points out that “technically, rehoming an adopted child is legal. Much like if a parent of a biological child couldn’t take care of the child, they could legally grant guardianship to another family. Child protective services only steps in if they suspect maltreatment of the child. If the child is foreign-born, the state doesn’t follow up with visits and most countries don’t follow up with the families that adopt their children. The majority of rehoming children is done via the Internet with websites like Yahoo Groups and Facebook. Much like rehoming a pet, the parent will post a photo and information about the child and prospective parents can respond to the message.”

Adoptees are not commodities to be bought, sold, and traded.

One response to “Wisconsin Inks Bill to Prevent Parents From ‘Giving Away’ Adopted Children

  1. in one disturbing instance a mother handed over her nine-year-old adopted son in a motel parking lot to a pedophile hours after posting a notice about the child on a Yahoo message board.

    If I may borrow from the movie “Ghostbusters II”:

    If my hands weren’t tied by the unalterable fetters of the law, then I would invoke the tradition of our illustrious forebears, reach back to a purer, sterner justice, and have [this person] BURNED AT THE STAKE!

    I applaud Wisconsin for doing this. I suggest that the reason that they had to do it (and, by extension, other states haven’t) is that the writers of the laws governing child welfare didn’t really think about adopted children, especially internationally adopted ones, when they wrote the laws.

    “OF COURSE that’s illegal! Um… Isn’t it?”


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