Regina doctor who lied to Ukrainian authorities on adoption papers can’t raise children in Canada, court rules

While it’s interesting that Cheshenchuk was hoping to adopt children she would share a common language, cultural connection, and citizenship with… I’m so sick of hearing stories about people trying to skirt around laws in order to obtain children. Adoption is not a right for prospective adoptive parents.

National Post | News

A Regina medical doctor has been barred from raising her newly adopted children in Canada after immigration officials ruled she unlawfully secured the children from a Ukrainian orphanage through an elaborate ruse.

“She is responsible for the position in which the children now find themselves,” reads a recent ruling by a Saskatchewan Federal Court upholding the decision of the Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Ministry, adding the unnamed children may be henceforth denied “a normal family life.”

The case concerns Svitlana Cheshenchuk, a Ukraine-born doctor, who came to Saskatchewan in 1998 and now has Canadian and Ukrainian citizenship.

In the summer of 2011, Dr. Cheshenchuk flew to her hometown of Vinnitsa, where she has an apartment, and adopted two children, a brother and sister, then aged three and four respectively.

The adoptions were not in accordance with Ukrainian law

But when she tried to bring the children back to Saskatchewan, a…

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