Common Red Herrings in Adoption Discourse: That Happens in Biological Families Too

My heart grieves for this child. I’m enraged by a system that allows this to happen. I’m angered by people who try to downplay the severity of adoptee filicide. And I’m baffled that Holt International is trying to claim that the bruises were Mongolian spots.

Life, Adopted

I find it rather interesting that when adult adoptees express and share thoughts on our younger counterparts being abused or killed while in the care of their adoptive parents, we are so often informed “well, that kind of stuff happens in biological families too.”

Do people actually think we don’t know this?

This week, the Associated Press covered a horrific story out of Maryland. An adoptive father, Brian O’Callaghan, has been accused of killing his three-year-old adopted son. The young boy had barely been in the United States for five months, having been adopted from Korea by O’Callaghan and his wife in October 2013.

Many of us in the adult adoptee community were deeply saddened to hear about this case. And I have absolutely no doubt that anyone reading about this case, adopted or not, would feel the same. For some adult adoptees, however, instances of abuse or death involving…

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