NPR Responds! Though Not to Adoptees…

I reblogged an article by Angela Tucker earlier this week that discusses NPR’s decision to use a white adoptive parent’s voice instead of a transracial adoptee’s for their Sunday Conversation on transracial adoption. This has, not surprisingly, sparked a lot of dialogue in adoptee communities. The Sunday Conversation situation has gotten even worse as NPR continues to prove their ignorance in the adoptee community. Their outreach to a Christian Adoption Service to find “young adult transracial adoptee (black child adopted by white parents)” completely neglects their interview already conducted with Angela Tucker and connotes this idea that adoptees need to be reached through a third party as if we are still children. Vocal adult adoptees are not hiding. NPR can contact us directly.

A message by Julie Stromberg: “Adoptees on Twitter: I have started a hashtag to help gather a list of adoptees for NPR. It’s #NPRAdopteeList. Thought it might be cool for NPR to see just how many of us are available directly without having to go through Create a Family, an organization sponsored by Nightlight Christian Adoptions (of Veronica Brown fame). Please don’t make me the only one with that hashtag. Join me!”

Light of Day Stories

Dawn Davenport, of “Creating A Family: Adoption and Infertility Education and Support,” just posted on Facebook:

“NPR Weekend Edition has asked us for help finding a young adult transracial adoptee (black child adopted by white parents) for a follow-up on their show on transracial adoption last week. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you their email.”

(“black child.” We were just talking about that. “Perpetual Child” is not a myth.)

Click here for Dawn’s post.

Could it really be true that NPR did not contact Angela Tucker or any of the many adult transracial adoptees who commented mightily on Sunday’s interview, and who have tweeted and blogged in detail and abundance?

I am hopeful that Angela will now be featured, since she was considered then passed over for a white adoptive parent, many of whom have been featured on NPR.

NPR, you can reach

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